More Positivity Please

I am one week into 6-8 week recovery from a broken bone at the Sea Otter Classic in Dual Slalom. The support of the community this week was the key to my healing progress!

Yesterday I went on a mountain hike with my arm in a sling. The outdoors drew my restless legs and the sunshine called. I often recall how the sun brought good memories of my childhood and that it would send electricity to my heart as if it heats up the ventricles like a camp stove next to a bonfire under the stars.

I hiked this 1000 foot mountain footpath to a bench at the summit. Then I look up to my right where a few boulders towered where hikers would stand and spin around 360 degrees to see the city grid below them. That was the true summit. I called out, “I want to go up those boulders,” and a voice behind me said, “you can!” I glanced back, and the voice came from an elder gentleman with a Cal Poly backpack. I left no space for anyone to say anything, as I said, “he said I could so I will!” I began walking to the rocks and between the boulders while my arm stayed tucked in the sling. Ahead there was a final set boulders where the hikers would grab a handhold and hop their feet onto the summit rock. The leap was at least as tall as me that needed two handholds and two feet to leap up there.

The gentleman was at the summit before me, and he reached his hand out to pull me up. Then, I was standing at the top looking at the city! My lungs swelled with that ultra-pure 100% oxygen I was deprived since I last made the summit. My veins felt the O2 rush how I remembered when I would toboggan down a natural rock water slide into a mountain spring right before I would make a splash! I returned back to the footpath the whole time the gentleman kept encouraging me that I was safe and okay.

Bless this man. He allowed me to do something I did when I was healthy, and it motivated me to heal faster. He had to lend a hand and I had to take it once. Seriously, people’s attitudes create opportunities for healing. Please, people dig deep for that stuff for the passerbys or family or friends. More positivity please.


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