ROTOR R Hawk Unboxed!

ROTOR is a Spanish company who researched and tuned the oval chainring concept. Now, in 2018 their cranks are compatible with nearly every bike frame. Do they have a crankset for trialthletes? YES. MTB athletes? Yes. DH? YES. Enduro? Yes.

My RHawk crankarms came in a velvet finished box much like that of an iPhone packaging. They put attention to detail in that kind of stuff. My Standard axle came in a separate box. How it is, the crankarms are universal, they work with any bike frame with either the boost, standard, or DH axles. Call them versatile. I got the standard axle for my Knolly Warden, and it pops right on the the non-drive side crank arm.

Assembling the small parts on the crankset at home was user-friendly. ROTOR put together a crankset spacer chart, that took the guess work out of setting up the chainline, and the folks at ROTOR make it overbearingly precise because they’re into the science/research. My only small complaint was, none of the boxes come with spacers and is good to know if you plan on building them up yourself to pick up some .5, 2.5, 5, and 8mm spacers at your local bike shop before the box gets to your door.

The RHawk chainring mounts to the arms. The alignment is easy using the OCP (optimum chainring position) marks. They recommend mountain bikers set up their bike at 3. After the first week, I noticed I was climbing a lot out of the saddle and my friends pointed out my slower cadence, so I changed my chainring position to 2 with only an 8 mm Allen key. EASY.

Last, I was able to customize my crankset with some sweet orange boots to be matchy with my Knolly Warden frame. The bumpers protect the cranks from rubbing wear, and it’s cool to keep the ROTOR crankset looking fresh all season.

Photo Credit: Kasey Carames

I have been riding with ROTOR cranksets since 2015. I ride their Rotor R Hawk 170 mm crank arms with their 34 tooth oval chainring. Note, they offer circular chanrings now. I really like pedalling with these and are good for my knees. They had ACL reconstructions and the oval chainrings provide relief for them. I like customizing my OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) that gets me a better riding positon than a circular crankset and I enjoy my ride a little more or motivate me to stay out on the trails a little longer!

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