Hallie Lassiter No Brake Lifestyle

When I first met Hallie we were walking up to a mechanics clinic. She rolled up her bike in hand. To which bike, she handed to our friend leading the clinic, an employee at Art’s Cyclery, and a traveling mechanic for chateau/Swiss Alp bike trip packages, saying to use her bike for tune-up demonstration. I think there was immediate shock and laughs looking at the front wheel that completely tacoed. She somehow did all that mess to her bike crashing on a local trail that was multi-use singletrack.


She also is the proud owner of a van. The first one was manual drive Westfalia that her dad drove home with her and not ever owning a stick shift, she figured out how to put it in gear to get her to school in the morning. I think vans became her thing, and she now owns a Mercedes Sprinter.

She drove out to California Enduro Series in Auburn that was the first race in the series . On race morning she notices there was no bolt on the top of her Shimano SLX rear Brake Reservoir. What that means is it is the cap that holds the mineral oil overflow. And being there was no cap, there was no fluid, and thusly no oil compression for use in the line. She raced anyhow. She got on the podium too, however fortune or talent was working with her that day.

She proceeded to ride a downhill bike only without a dropper post or a rear brake that week, twice. It makes sense like her thing is, “summers with Hallie.”


Hallie brought over her bike to my bike workshop setup in my living room. We set it up with a reservoir cup, bleed syringe, mineral oil from Art’s Cyclery, and a bleed block. It was a full bleed, not the gravity fed method, so we set up the bleed kit without the wheel or the brake pads. Her mineral oil was black. We had to bleed it twice to get all the air bubbles out of the line too, but it didn’t take much oil. She had no bolt, because she wasn’t there when she lost it, so I used a spare hex bolt with matching thread, not too deep, and a spare o-ring from my bike parts toolbox. That closed up the bleed line pretty good! After the brake lever was firmed up, we looked over the cockpit and made a few angle adjustments.


She hasn’t crashed lately that is a good thing. She’s currently shredding bikes in Northstar. Stay safe and have fun lady on your fresh brakes!

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