My Toolbox

This is my toolbox. I built something that works for my three bikes and the bikes I bought before. It’s the ultimate build I’ve made!

Travel and bike racing is obviously high pressure, and the colorful yet compact display of tools deliver individual backhand saves at a mountain resort on the race day. It is densly-featured technological toolbox and I was able to pack it neatly in my car.

These are the highlights!

The top and bottom layers are lifted from the toolbox via convertible (reversible) heavy duty Velcro handles that hold my layers up to 10 pounds. From the underside, they are an open loop and can be fastened to my Kuat bike rack. I organize my space this way for involved projects in a busy parking lot.

I used Kaizen Shadow Foam for all the layers. Basically, the underlaying foam is a differentiable color from the top, and intuitively, I can spot what tools were used.

One layer is entirely small bits/parts with thee sizes. The containers are mobile and pop up from dimples under them. The containers are smart organized for race season and shuffled in bike build season. Also, I have one empty container for used or miscellaneous bolts. I don’t have to put those away on race day.


The lid has split foam with a magnetic surface and custom cut magnetized metal cups. Don’t you like the pocket razor stuck on the foam! The surface magnetizes the handled tools in place and the cups hold the teeny bolts. I cut in a few 96 pull strength magnets underneath the blue arrows and the sheet metal.


The remaining basin measures enough to fit tires, cleaners, spare components, and one plastic mini organizer for brake bits. Brakes get their own box; My training loops are on downhill trails!


One layer is my commonly used tools. They are packed on top, always. It has my popular favorites: Allen keys, three way allen, Crescent wrench, shock pump, and tire lever.

I worked hard on this. The thing that is different about this toolbox from my former one is doing the build.

For my sponsors:







If you were thinking about doing a build for yourself, and you need more motivation, go to your local bike shop. This is a great way to get yourself back on the trail and save yourself from irreversible repairs.

Ride safe my friends!

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