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Ode to Housing Cutters

Housing cutters are the sharpest tool in the toolbox. Pun unintended. It cuts wire, steel, bolts. The handles come with rubber grip sleeves. The jaws are made from cold-forged steel, high quality sharps that keep its edges for years. It

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Bike Tools (NFS)

Tools categorized as spare parts not for sale are AKA bolts and washers that bike shops do not sell online. They are used as spacers to align a brake assembly (caliper) with rotors (the metal pizza cutter). The main difference

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Toolbox boiled into to three (3) supplies

Mechanic tools are more like supplies to make a bicycle roll. They should be able to assemble or re-assemble the non-moving parts on the bike. They could be boiled down to three tools. Allen Keys are the L-shaped metal bars

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How to: 2 Minute Bolt Check

What is a bolt check? It is a part-by-part scan of the whole bike by manually turning all the bolts–checking proper torque. Almost all the bolts will be a  4 and 5 mm hex head socket cap style. There are two

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Bolt Check

I started working on bikes for friends! They let me borrow their bike for a few hours. I run a basic bolt check, wheel true, and tire pump. They get it back later that day, and they get a list

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My spine specialist explained the details on my season injuries a few weeks ago. He determined them as two separate issues: I have a few ligament sprains in my neck and some back contusions. He is confident I will heal with

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First Ride

Everyone had a memory of their first bike or ride. Whatever your story is I’d like to hear it too! Click the “Contact” tab to message me how you started your two wheeled adventures! < < < * > >

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